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Dear Friend,

The real estate market is back. Pricing are going up at a record setting pace.

If you are serious about getting into real estate and BEING SUCCESSFUL, you must attend this powerful 3-day workshop in Torrance, California from August 1st - 3rd, 2014. I’ll admit this event is not for everyone. It’s not for people who don’t have ambition.  It’s not for people who have no desire to “hustle” to make more money.  It’s not for people who whine about their financial situation and have no drive to do something about it. 

This is PRECISELY why I am inviting YOU!  You are what I call a “TEN PERCENTER” – someone who is smarter and more motivated than 90% of the people in your town.  That’s good news, but I have a challenge for you – I want you to become a “FIVE PERCENTER”.  A five-percenter does not need the Government to support their retirement.  A five-percenter is someone who makes it happen while the other 95% sit around and wonder, “what happened to my life?”  I am asking you to invest a weekend of your life to BECOME A FIVE-PERCENTER!

This is a 3-day workshop with something for EVERY real estate investor. Come to the event and learn the most powerful financing options for the "credit challenged"!

(Do You Want to Know the NEW Rules?)

The media has been pounding the housing market, saying that things are bad and the ride is over for the last couple years.  Were they right? Absolutely. But not anymore. Things have changed drastically and we are at rock-bottom now.

Our expert panel will share with you the most cutting-edge ideas that work in today's market in 2014 so you can profit from this huge opportunity.  Let's face it, some people make money in ALL markets (ask Warren Buffet) because they stay ahead of the trends and are constantly learning new ideas.  If you rest on your laurels and the old way of doing things, you'll find yourself coming up with average results.  If you learn new ideas, new concepts and constantly reinvent your approach, you'll be one of the few that make a bundle from the opportunities in this market.

Leaving your financial future up to your boss ("Will he give me a 3% raise this year?") or some stockbroker or "financial planner" will mean a lifetime of worry and insecurity!

If you are out of town, come to Torrance, Calfornia for our summit! Real estate investing gives you the ability to slow down, reduce stress and take pleasure in life. Do you want to take some time off to perfect your golf swing? Spend more time with your kids or grandchildren? Tell your boss to "take a hike"? (Remember that a CEO is a "Chief Embezzlement Officer".) Tell your stockbroker you don't need his "advice" any more? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself and your family to attend this power-packed summit.

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Your parents may have told you "watch out who you hang out with". Well, in some sense, they were right, particularly when it comes to financial success. Who you surround yourself with in business will generally determine how much you make. To increase your business and your income, you need to be exposed to the type of people who think and act the way in which you need to think.

The people who attend our seminar are by far what makes us stand out from the crowd. Our attendees are not your average seminar crowd.

Many of our past attendees have been people who are already highly successful and come to continue their real estate education and gain new information and more importantly to network and build their business. Use this event as a way to create new partnerships, meet new contacts or just find people to inspire you to succeed to the next level.

  • Real estate investors
  • Real estate agents
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Title insurance agents
  • Financial planners
  • Burned out stock investors
  • Attorneys & CPAs
  • Landlords
  • Property managers
  • Contractors
  • Lenders
  • Frustrated CD investors


We are going to see a rash of even more foreclosures across the nation as a result of sloppy lending practices.

Whether your real estate market is on the upswing or on the way down. Your competitors may be at this summit learning ideas.

Why let them have the edge? Attend the Wealth Builder Expo yourself and learn techniques that can help you become successful.

These is one weekend that can change your life. What do you do on the average weekend? Mow the lawn? Rake leaves? Watch television? Go bowling? Can't remember?

Enjoy a weekend unlike any you have ever experienced! Come to Torrance, CA. and spend a weekend that you and your family will remember for years to come. July 4th is Independence Day.

Can't take off the whole weekend? No problem! Just attend one day of the workshop and let us share with you our techniques that are helping our students all across America become successful.

Don't want to give up one day of rest and relaxation? Do what many of our attendees did last year: take your "weekend off" on two days BEFORE or AFTER the event! That's right! Call in sick and attend the event! After all, you are sick of your job, aren't you? You earned it! Remember, if you don't use that sick leave before the end of the year, you will lose it!

Plus, remember that you can get lots of rest and relaxation in Torrance, California (maybe more than at home!). That lawn can wait another weekend (or hire a neighborhood kid to mow it for $10 while you learn how to to be successful). Make this a Learning Vacation!

Will your spouse complain if you are gone for the weekend? Bring him or her along! Remember, the family that learns together STAYS together! Use this as a way to keep your family united, healthy and prosperous!


You don't have to be clever, or creative to become successful... you simply have to imitate just one proven system that already works, and put it into action. That's it. Dead simple.

It's that simple! As the saying goes, "Why create mediocrity when you can copy genius!" So, with that in mind, I've invited some of these geniuses who've already "been there and done that" and can show you their systems of success so you can copy exactly what they do and get the same results!  

We've assembled a team of the nation's best-selling authors and experts to share their vast real estate knowledge and experience with you! We've hand selected these people because of their "no-hype" approach. Many summits are nothing but "pitch men" who do nothing but sell books and tapes. These speakers are real, practicing experts who do speaking PART-TIME.


Jeff Adams

JEFF ADAMS is the nation’s leading expert in finding motivated sellers, hungry buyers, and private lenders through the Internet. His automated systems for attracting buyers, sellers, and investors has allowed him to do over 500 deals since 1995…while having a regular job the whole time as a firefighter!

After working at real estate investing the hard way, Jeff finally swore to himself that he’d had enough: He then invested serious time and money into creating systems that would pay off in less aggravation, more time, and more profits! Jeff developed systems that meant…

  • He could stop knocking on doors of people in pre-foreclosure. Instead, the real motivated pre-foreclosure prospects now call him;

  • He didn’t have to compete head-to-head with other investors that had the same pre-foreclosure lists; Jeff’s systems now set him apart from the competition;

  • His websites generated instant credibility. Now callers are “half sold” even before Jeff ever speaks with them;

  • Jeff was no longer tied to the office, because his “Virtual Office” systems work from any web connection;

  • He saved hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in real estate commissions.


John Burley

, has achieved what most people would consider impossible. From a background of corporate sales and financial planning, John moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area to begin a new venture. Starting out with very little money, a workable plan of action and a lot of desire, John used cash flow principles to create wealth.

John has completed over 1,000 real estate transactions. Today his Investment Portfolio includes well over 300 properties, stocks, businesses and more. Realizing at age 32, that he was in the position to retire, John wanted to share his knowledge with others. He began to create products and seminars describing what he had achieved and more importantly, how he did it. John has shared his information with millions of people throughout the world.

He has spoken on real estate investing at the invitation of both Tony Robbins and Donald Trump at their financial success workshops. John has also been heralded by Robert Kyosaki in his book Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant as a savvy investor who not only has a grasp of solid financial principles but also a keen awareness of the psychology of investing. John will give you first hand knowledge in a straight forward, easy to follow step-by-step way that makes learning how to become rich fun and easy.

John believes everyone can achieve a rich, full life, filled with prosperity and abundance. John lives with his family in Phoenix, Arizona. John has earned the respect of the investment community because he is out in the "Real World" doing deals on a day to day basis. In other words, John R. Burley "Walks His Talk".

Attending a seminar with just one of these top instructors could cost you $500 or even more!

You can succeed faster by creating more support in your life and business. I hope you will bring with you your spouse, business partner or a friend.  Sign up now with that right-hand person and be assured of a seat at the summit.  Make sure you register TODAY!

Event Date:
August 1st - 3rd, 2014

Event Times:

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Event Location:

Torrance Marriott
3635 Fashion Way Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 316-3636
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We have a limited number of rooms blocked per night.
To reserve your room, call 310-316-3636 and mention
“Jeff Adams” to receive your discounted room rate.

Most seminars and conventions cram people into uncomfortable seats that make it difficult to take notes.  We take a different approach, giving you a nice "classroom-style" event so you can take notes and feel comfortable. We'll even give you a pen and pad of paper.  Have a glass of water, relax.  We give you all this so you can be comfortable, not so we can pack people in like cattle.  There's a catch though ... Classroom seating takes up a lot of room, so the event will be limited  to only 100 people, so don't wait ... REGISTER NOW!


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We picked the most exciting location we could think of... the ninth-largest city and part of the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the nation!

The ultra modern and sophisticated city attracts worldwide travelers, making the area the No. 1 visitor and leisure destination in California.

Remember, your airfare is still deductible, even if you stay a few extra days!  We don't want to waste your time or money. We're so sure you'll learn more than you pay for this Summit that we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with this summit, please let us know and we will reimburse what you paid for your airfare and accomodations - there is absolutely NO RISK!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions and seeing you at the 2014 Wealth Builder Expo in Torrance, California.

Your partner in success, 

Jeff Adams

P.S. - Make sure you bring plenty of business cards with you to pass out, because this event will be one of the best networking opportunities to meet new and exciting people, future JV partners and more.

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